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September 17 2018 issue

AURORA - supporting women into leadership roles: Apply now

The AURORA programme aims to develop the leadership side of women’s careers and address the under-representation of women leaders in the HE sector. AURORA which is run in partnership with universities, is an exciting opportunity for academic, professional and research staff.

It aims to enable women to think of themselves as future leaders and features workshop events, mentoring and self-directed learning.

LJMU has committed to AURORA once again for the academic year 2018/19 and is now inviting applications.

Sarah StirkSarah Stirk, Senior Lecturer in the School of Law, completed the Aurora programme in 2016. Here Sarah shares her experiences with us and explains why you should take part:

“I was nervous when I first started the programme because I really wanted to maximise the opportunity I had been given and I didn’t want to disappoint anyone who had selected me to join the programme.

The AURORA programme provides you with a fantastic opportunity to network with other women across the Higher Education Sector - to share experiences and to discuss new ways of overcoming challenges and experiences. During the programme you get to work in Action Learning Sets which were a revelation for me. I found that discussing the challenges you were set, with people you didn’t know and who had a diverse range of experiences and roles in higher education, was eye opening. The process enabled you to see situations from a different perspective and the groups really supported each other through the programme.  For me personally, I will always remember two of the talks during the programme where two role models shared their career journeys and paths to their current roles (including one as a Vice-Chancellor) listening to how they overcame challenges they faced and balanced their work life with their home and family life really inspired me.

Since completing AURORA, I have become the Associate for the leadership and development for APSS and have also just become Programme Leader for the ML Law programme. I believe that undertaking AURORA gave me the confidence to apply for these roles and really made me assess what my career goals were.

AURORA to me is about empowerment and confidence. I credit the programme with opening my eyes to the possibilities and opportunities available for women in Higher Education and with the encouragement to then apply for opportunities that become available for me to pursue my career. AURORA also demonstrated to me, the importance and impact of women supporting each other on their career journeys.

What advice would I give to people considering AURORA? Sign up! You won’t regret it - your only regret will be that you didn’t sign up sooner. AURORA caters for everyone and I have yet to meet anyone who has attended the course who doesn’t think it was one of the best courses they have ever been part of."

So - how do you apply?

The LDF manages the application process and will fund one place per Faculty and Division. Additional places may be funded from devolved local budgets at the discretion of Faculty Executive Deans and Divisional Deputy Chief Executives.

If you are interested in applying for a funded place, discuss your career plan with your line manager prior to completing an application form as you will need a supporting statement from your line manager as well as an endorsement by your Executive Dean or Deputy Chief Executive.

You can download the application form here

Email your completed form to m.box@ljmu.ac.uk by Friday 28 September 2018.


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